No Words, Swiss Youth… No Words

Record-breaking Swiss Alps postcard sends message FOR climate change action from House of Switzerland on Vimeo.


JUNGFRAUJOCH, Switzerland (Reuters) – Switzerland’s Aletsch glacier is western Europe’s largest expanse of ice, but Swiss scientists say it’s receding at an unprecedented pace, losing up to 12 meters (13 yards) of ice a year.

That vanishing act made the Alpine glacier the site of a publicity stunt on Friday: the creation of what organizers say is the world’s largest postcard. Climate change activists hope it will convince more young people to get involved in keeping rising temperatures in check.

In all, 125,000 postcards with messages against climate change and sent by young people from all over the world have been assembled around 3,400 meters up on the Jungfraufirn, the upper reaches of the Aletsch glacier.

This collection, organized by the Swiss government’s Agency for Development and Cooperation among other groups, includes the message “WE ARE THE FUTURE GIVE US A CHANCE”.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 7.16.16 PM


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