Greta Thunberg only speaks when necessary. “It is part of her Asperger’s syndrome,” physicians say*. Or a hallmark of her leadership…

She tended to be non-interactive until through shear will-power and understanding the needs of humanity at age 15 years overcame her desire not to talk and not to interact.  She does not mess around!  At the past week’s #COP24 she challenged and called-out the officials present.  If anyone is to take credit for any progress made, I would elect her.  Three minutes of her talk hit to the heart of the issue – hits to the hearts of us all…


* I was caught by how I phrased this last year. So I have tried to correct it.  In terms of her physicians’ diagnosis, not as an absolute.  Sorry Greta.  In sending an apology to Uppsala University for not attending the seminar of a pre-eminent Professor of Viking Studies and Runes,  I mentioned this..

In addition, Greta Thunberg has help the future generations find their way, and through #ClimateStrike shown the way for many to take leadership of their lives in their own hands.  Her unwavering stance, but openness to listen, and interact is a hallmark of her leadership in climate action against global warming.

“How is it that Sweden is the birthplace of so much important to humankind?  I do not know.  That it is, and we recognize it, is the important thing.”

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