Nome, Alaska – Time to visit!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 1.25.52 PMLooking South SouthWest.  I remember when that cement sidewalk was put in. Still there!  Summer work season of 1968-1969.  It was done by an African-American subcontractor who hired all African-American masons.  Did an excellent job on the curbs and all; won the respect of many a boss as I recall.  Or at least my two bosses.  Many of the masons stayed on in Alaska, as they thought this would be a place to settle and raise a family. ” All open” they said; no obvious “Jim Crow”.  A sad commentary on the rest of America, but a nice commentary on Nome, AK.


Some folks doubt my veracity on the sea-ice.  Don’t know why.  In the event, here is proof there is no sea-ice now present off Nome, Alaska. I will conduct my own count of Polar Bear and Walrus.  Hmmm. Zero.

Polar Bear and Walrus NEED sea-ice like a house needs a foundation, and a “church needs a bible,” as was quoted to me two Mormon (Latter Day Saint) missionaries once, right here in Nome.

I think the time is right to visit Nome, AK!



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