‘24 Hours of Reality’ with Al Gore

6BE7CCB2-9FFD-4A72-970D-0E96DFD501A1Prof Dr. Molina (Nobel Prize 1995) speaking in Mexico City in Spanish, translated in captions, about the pollution and smoke, and ozone depletion.  Why for him the Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis, as well.

Spent 3 hours (18-21:00 PST), then 1 hour at work (12-13 PST) then 1 hour in México City (15-16:00 PST) , finally 1 hour for the finale  (17-18:00 PST) with Al Gore, Prof Dr Molina (1995 Nobel Prize),  and Bill Nye and others on Climate Reality.  Twitter feed thru to Periscope. Ongoing! For 24 total hours!  USA Canada Australia oh my!!!6F72B72C-C476-40E9-B632-6B79C35F9D97

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