Global Warming Reality, “Today in North America”

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.55.25 AM

Please concentrate on the Front in the figure, above.  It extents through the Canadian Rockies down, just east of Denver and down to Texas/Missouri. That is the “New North American Divide” in Global Warming during Arctic Vortex Collapse.

If this were Winter, most of these temperatures would be HISTORIC.  One beleaguered State Trooper in Illinois commented, ” I have worked 20 Winters on the force, this is – maybe – the 5th worst storm….But its not even WINTER!”

We have already hit 100-year limits on the lowest temperatures for this time of year.  We are on to break Winter records now with a month to go to Winter.

The New North American Divide in Global Warming skirts the Eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains.  This locates the western edge of Arctic Vortex collapse, where the blustering Arctic winds howl down on middle America, as the Arctic Sea across the Barents-Kara region disrupts the vortex.  That vortex has protected us from Winter conditions in the Arctic Sea and Polar Cap for centuries.


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.57.11 AMHere we publish the Arctic sea ice density and concentration map for Monday 26NOV18.  Note, as predicted the Barents-Kara (B-K) region has yet to fill in.  How could it?  It was +5C in September, far too warm for a November covering of ice.

Outside of the B-K iceless region, the apparent “gap” in sea ice in the Bering Sea is of concern.  One of the shallowest ocean regions, it historically has supported populations of walrus, sea otter, and polar bear.  You can see we are far from the 1981-2010 median ice edge.

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