The Significance of Mars InSight and MarCo

Why are 100,000’s around the World now celebrating?  What IS the significance of InSight and MarCo?

In Tolouse, France 10,000’s packed the Rugby stadium to watch the event on the big screen.  In Times Square, it was on the JumboTron and 2,000 cheered. All over the world, too!

The significance is not only in the mission of InSight, which is necessary.  The exploration of the Martian interior is preliminary to any successful settlement.  Not only to acquire knowledge of the past evolution of Mars, Earth, and the Solar System, but more directly and practically, to look for past/present sources of water, oxygen, and fuel.  And in the event of a human settlement, a sustainable environment shielded from cosmic radiation.

We have proven that the only way we can be successful in reaching Mars is to tap and access all cultures and all points of views.  All peoples.  Not one nation, Not one language.  All the languages and cultures we have on Earth will be necessary to drawn from and utilize.  InSight confirms this. And we celebrate it.  It induces us and future generations to seize the moment.

Only a free and democratically-governed people and country can lead this effort.  There are a few of these and we must bind to them in our exploration of space without prejudice or bias towards the science discoveries and to our own ignorance in attaining them.

“The whole thing, it’s never been done before. We’re breaking new ground and for the first time..its experimental!” – Engineer Farah Alibay

What NASA has done is:

(1) For only the eighth (8th) time in human history Earth has sent a probe and landed it on the Martian surface successfully.

(2) We landed on Mars in 6.5 months – the maximum time humans have survived on space mission in space on ISS in LEO.

(3) We have deployed two CubeSats that can communicate with InSight in real time, sending images and telemetry back in real time.

(4) We have deployed a supersonic parachute like one that will be on a human spacecraft in the future.

(5) We have sent a spacecraft with twelve retro rockets and Apollo-like heat shield on Mars. It autonomously popped the ‘chute, ignited thrusters and popped the cover in step using onboard software independent of NASA/JPL, and landed via ground-accessing radar.

“After six and a half months of traveling through space, InSight hit the top of Mars’ atmosphere a little before 3PM ET. It then made a daring descent to the surface, performing a complex multistep routine that slowed the lander from more than 12,000 miles per hour to just 5 miles per hour before it hit the ground. To get to the surface safely, InSight had to autonomously deploy a supersonic parachute, gather radar measurements, and ignite its thrusters all at the right time. Altogether, the landing took just under seven minutes to complete, prompting the nickname seven minutes of terror.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 3.46.34 PMMarCO-A and MarCO-B released from the InSight Orbiter and beaming telemetry and data back to Earth via microwave X-Band via UHF relay with InSight.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.41.50 PM

The twin CubeSats, built by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, constitute a technology experiment called Mars Cube One (MarCO). CubeSats are a class of spacecraft based on a standardized small size and modular use of off-the-shelf technologies. Many have been made by university students, and dozens have been launched into LEO using extra payload mass available on launches of larger spacecraft.

The basic CubeSat unit is a box roughly 10 centimeters square. Larger CubeSats are multiples of that unit. MarCO’s design is a six-unit CubeSat – about the size of an Xbox — with a stowed size 36.6 centimeters by 24.3 centimeters by 11.8 centimeters.


  • Only a free people, representing all ethic backgrounds and cultures can explore space without prejudices to the scientific discoveries and to our own ignorance, bringing the BEST of Humankind.
  • “We do it, not because it is easy, but because it is HARD.”  Because it is HARD, it brings out and fortifies our strength, and exposes our weaknesses. This is friendly competition to make us into teams. Because it is HARD, it unites us in the challenge.
  • So, if we explore space, “WE MUST LEAD IT”, because to fulfill our commitments to ourselves and to humankind in general and all nations in particular the USA must lead.  “ONLY A FREE PEOPLE” can do that.
  • And right now, we have a glimmer of a chance to keep space clear of,  “weapons of mass destruction” and, “in a state of peace and freedom” for all humankind.
  • “Some say, this is too much…We should bide our time.  No, we are not sprung from a people that bided its time and waited,”  for a King 3,000 miles to make up his mind and grant us our freedom. Who took it!  As we plan to take space and space exploration. Not for ourselves alone, but for all free people, and nations, and future generations.


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