What do Physicists do?


  • Do they build the best rockets?
  • Are they the smartest mathematicians?
  • Do they even hold a degree in Physics?

What do physicists do?

One thing physicists do is physics. And any other type science that appeals to them.  The vast majority of physicists have at least one degree in Physics or Astrophysics, or Geophysics, or Biophysics, or even “Applied Physics”.

Some physicists are smart at mathematics or statistics.  Not all. But some.  Prof. Dr. Richard Feynman had even won a math prize in his youth (1939), but he would be the last to say he knew or liked mathematics, or was the smartest mathematician.  Like Newton, Feynman got pissed off at the mathematics of his day, and had to invent a new form of mathematics to speed things up.  He loved mathematicians, but sometimes hated their mathematics.  Just like Einstein.  He was no good at math, either.  He had to invent a new mathematics in alliance with the greatest mathematician of the 20th Century, Emmy Noether.  Physicists need mathematicians.

Do physicists build rockets? Only for sport, like model rockets.  No.  They do not build or make their physics -living building rockets. Engineers build rockets, not physicists.



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