Chapter 2 – IPCC (UN) Report


Chapter Two

“The chances of limiting warming to 1.5°C and the requirements for urgent action:

“1.5°C-consistent pathways can be identified under a range of assumptions about economic growth, technology developments and lifestyles.  However, lack of global cooperation, lack of governance of the energy and land transformation, and growing resource-intensive consumption are key impediments for achieving 1.5°C-consistent pathways. Governance challenges have been related to scenarios with high inequality and high population growth in the 1.5°C pathway literature.

  • My translation: Fat chance, Humans!  You cannot even agree in your neighborhoods who will carpool your kids to school and soccer practice, let alone regionally or nationally on global warming and climate change.

“Under emissions in line with current pledges under the Paris Agreement (known as Nationally-Determined Contributions or NDCs), global warming is expected to surpass 1.5°C, even if they are supplemented with very challenging increases in the scale and ambition of mitigation after 2030 (high confidence). This increased action would need to achieve net zero CO2 emissions in less than 15 years.  Even if this is achieved, temperatures remaining below 1.5°C would depend on the geophysical response being towards the low end of the currently-estimated uncertainty range. Transition challenges as well as identified trade-offs can be reduced if global emissions peak before 2030 and already achieve marked emissions reductions by 2030 compared to today.

  • My translation: We need to listen to Buzz Aldrin @TheRealBuzz about getting to Mars or elsewhere in the Solar System.  If we have a way to get off Planet Earth, we should take it. Why?  Because we are on a head-long spin to a +2C World where typhus and malaria become common in the USA, and we kill each other as a food source (Do you think I can make this up?  READ THE REPORT.  Even President Trump’s Team signed off on it.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.55.22 AM




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