First Take on First Man

IMG_2254First Man, the poster, at IMAX.

Go see it.  It makes Space flight; Lunar flight, greasy again. Greasy wrenches, dirty re-entry vehicles. It’s loud. If you see it in our IMAX, its LOUDER like a Seattle Seahawks Game.  The 10:00 PDT show was the only show on 11OCT18.  The film opens tomorrow night everywhere, but it opened tonight in the first Boeing IMAX theater, at the Pacific Science Center, the site of the 1962 World’s Fair.  In the shadow of the ever optimistic Space Needle. Did I say it’s loud?  No, it’s LOUD!

I heard many comments from the audience, but at the end…”Good Movie,” dominated the responses.   I must say that too.  It showed the near-death experiences that occurred on a monthly basis that affected the crew.   Like Eisenhower and Kennedy both knew, the experiences of Edwards Air Base’s test pilots and families was crucial in preparing them for space flight.   They ALL had mental “issues”, not serious, but you would not be sane if you did not doubt the sanity of being a “cannon ball” , so-to-speak.  They ALL were imperfect or failed at something, but that is also what steeled them. And taught them.  No one had “walked” in space.  No one had gone to the Moon.  We had to do it as a country.  They did it for us in a very condensed, concentrated way.

Over breakfast in 2017, Buzz said to me, “You know, plenty of people in the Administration at the time thought Kennedy was wrong in going to the Moon and picking 10 years to do it in.”  My only response: “Well, if JFK hadn’t pick the Moon and we hadn’t done it, we would be a totally different people today.  You won’t be here, and I won’t be having breakfast with the 2nd man on the moon.”

First Man, the movie, “seems” to make Buzz Aldrin out to be an uncaring guy.  He is not.   He was selected to be 2nd Man on the Moon, because he was a REAL AND DEDICATED ASTRONAUT.  Neil Armstrong commanded Apollo XI, was the responsible officer, and had to be first after the deaths of the original Apollo flight crew.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.33.11 PMThe movie does not give us anything to chew-on except Neil Armstrong’s life and his family’s so hard to say anything about other characterizations of the astronaut corp. They were ALL true American and Human heroes in my book, as they are in millions of other hearts and minds to this very day.

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