Eustasy and Diagenesis in an Epoch of Denial About Anthropogenic Global Warming ( “I like BIG WORDS, and I cannot lie…”)

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Once, I was part of a team and group looking at CaCO3 – calcium carbonate.  I have authored not a few research papers, and have had some experience with this ubiquitous and apparently volatile mineral in most of its forms.  To me, it is still a somewhat “mysterious” mineral or crystal.  But in this sense alone: science does not know it well enough, but will someday know it.

I always knew this was part of the “Great Clean-Up”:  cleaning-up and deterring the further spread of radioactive and chemical contaminants at Hanford.   It took a certain determination and dedication-to-service in the JFK vein, to do this scientifically rather than for-profit.  I was called by Director Dr. Bill Wiley and EMSL…

At one point, we took on the task of looking for and even adding extremely minute quantities of uranium, then microtome the raw caliche.  Caliche is the hard-pan formed after a drought/flash flood cycle. It is the Spanish word for hard-pan or calcium carbonate in the wild. This was the “fun” part of the scientist’s job.  Go outside, drop down or climb a cliff semi-technically, and hanging off the Columbia Gorge and admire its beauty.  Then, using my cool stainless-steel collection hammer, chipping off samples of caliche for the micro-tome like I was a modern geologic version of Indiana Jones.  I even wore my brown bomber jacket in Fall.

In the event, that one paper has garnered the authors – me included – almost 200 citations alone.  Gosh knows why.  Perhaps it does not use an analogue for uranium, but the real deal.  This new abstract and paper above is one of the most interesting papers citing ours. I read at least the abstract of all papers citing my papers.  People ask me occasionally,

“How can you talk so openly about this?  I mean u-r-a-n-i-u-m [usually spelled incorrectly, under their breath].

The only explanation I have is this: I believe in the American Republic.  I believe in the American People. I believe in their Right-to-Know.  I never had a security clearance.  None of what I say affects ANY patents or business of my former lab.  As JFK wrote and spoke 50+ years ago…

The reason we are here as a nation. The reason we can defeat ignorance and totalitarianism is simple.  We believe we are a free people and we act like it. And the minute we self-censor is the minute we end being the “Last, best hope of Humanity.”

Anyway, back to the science…

If you do not know what EUSTASY AND DIAGENESIS are, they are easy to look up.  I particular suggest any remaining pundits on “Greenland”, or “greenhouse”, or “Green Goddess dressing” look them up.   Quickly, they mean the results of Global Warming – rising ocean levels and decay of coral reefs.  Like, for example, Florida.


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