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Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 11.18.52 PMThe once “unthinkable” has happen.  The 2-3 million year old “Last Ice On Earth”, as it was called, along Greenland’s northeast coast has melted, re-formed, melted, and finally reformed again. This photo is of that ice during the last melt where it had turned into a “rubble” of ice bergs, etc.  [Photograph: Lars Lehnert, from the article by Dr. Helen Czerski  ]

Since he so wanted to comment on my article:

which promoted and emphasized the importances of the Summer melt as a monitor on our progress or regress as a species towards “another bad Winter,” I re-publish his comment here.  I will not pre-judge “NICKREALITY65”, but I believe he made a mistake.  He saw “Greenland” and immediately thought I was talking about “Greenhouse” as in “Greenhouse gases”.  Greenland => Greenhouse?

I do not know.

As Emmy Noether did 85 years previous in a far harsher environment of 1933 Germany than now, I shut the door of discussion to no one.  As long as the dialog is fitting to the forum and non-violent. Since “NICKREALITY64” or “NSHROEDER”  is typical of scores of comments I read, it is important to respond at least once publicly.  “NICKREALITY65” did not want to use WordPress.Com anymore and left before I had a chance to make contact with him directly…

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  1. The Radiative Greenhouse Effect Theory

    Premise 1:
    The earth is 33 C warmer with an atmosphere than without. (288 K – 255 K = 33 C)
    So, just how does that work?

    Premise 2:
    There is an up/down/”back” CO2/GHG LWIR energy loop between the surface and the atmosphere that “traps” and recirculates energy through molecular level QED processes warming both the atmosphere and the surface.
    And what powers that energy loop?

    Premise 3:
    The surface radiates LWIR as a S-B 289 K ideal black body with a 1.0 emissivity at 396 W/m^2. (TFK_bams09)

    Premises 1, 2 & 3 are demonstrably false. See links below.

    No ideal BB upwelling surface radiation + No up/down/”back” GHG LWIR energy loop + No 33 C warmer = ZERO RGHE & ZERO carbon dioxide warming & ZERO mankind caused climate changing.

    Premise 1:

    Premise 2:

    Premise 3:


  2. nshroeder,

    I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.  Some commentary has just become active on my site.  Thank you for the links to Greenhouse effects.

    I have not tried to defend any one theory of global warming or climate change. What I do know from both personal and scientific experience is that of the Arctic Sea Ice: I know it is seasonal.  I know there is less of it than, say, 10 years ago. I know that many small communities of Inuit and Inupiat depend on it, as do their food staples, the fish, the polar bear, the reindeer herds they tend, the caribou.  Is it a linear decline? No.  Is it important.  Yes.

    As the authors of the “Nature Communication” justified, the data to support the hypothesis that annual melting of the Kara and Barents Sea regions of the Arctic Sea Ice has a profound effect on the weather systems of Earth. In particular, the annual collapse of the Arctic Vortex. A vortex that surpresses cold fronts from inundating the East Coast of the US. With its collapse, so to the East Coast weather has become detrimental and costly.

    And more, that over the past 4-5 years since this and a series of articles related to this one communication, has been published, I have been using their thesis through two US Presidential administrations to understand climate change in the USA.

    This has more that been proven to be a viable thesis.  My predictions, based on their thesis, for the East and Southeast regions of the USA – unfortunately – has born fruit.  The severity of weather that plagues the Eastern seaboard during the Winter and Fall months is a direct result of unusual warming during the Summer months.

    It is hard not to view this as part of maintaining a natural thermodynamic equilibrium.  After all, there is so much energy to re-distribute on our globe.  Sometimes poorly. Sometimes efficiently.  As you are aware of the idea that CO2 was a ‘greenhouse gas’, did you know also it was the original thesis of a moderate and prominent Republican scientist working out of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in the 1950’s that humans were responsible for the increase in Global temperatures?  Many do not.

    He documented for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a friend, the relationship he observed between a small rise (at that time) in Earth’s surface temperature and human use of coal and oil and production of CO2.  These observations were confirmed during that Republican administration at Ames Airfield, later to become NASA-Ames.   I was a punk kid then, so I must use others’ insight in the 1950’s. Why do I say Republican or Democrat? To emphasis that the concept of global warming and climate change is independent of geopolitical affiliation.

    But again:

    (1) Arctic Sea Ice Minimum was something I learned from being a volunteer superforecaster in GJP, and from those gaining that DARPA-funded research,

    (2) That specific regional increases in melting and warming of the Arctic Sea surface in the Kara and Barents Seas have a profound effect on Arctic or Polar Vortex Collapse, and

    (3) that collapse leads to horrendous, detrimental weather on the East Coast. The West Coast has not had that, in contrast. Most weather changes here have been short-term, unrelated to the global warming trend in the East. This too, is well-documented. All the best!


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