“What would 王贞仪 老师 Wáng Zhēnyí Laoshí [王貞儀 老师] do?” (从不磕头!)

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.57.33 AMProfessor Zhenyi Wang (English) did many things in her young life. She was 28 when she died.  The same age as Avicii, the Swedish Writer, DJ, and Artist.  She shared many characteristics of youth with Avicii.  One thing she never did.  She NEVER kowtow ‘d  [从不磕头 從不磕頭to her Laoshi on Twitter! Or in public!

Even though, as a young woman in Qing China of the 18th Century she carried oppression, and was considered close to nothing and had no voice, she used her position as a Laoshi’s daughter in the middle class to the max, to PUSH THE LIMITS!

She published a hundred (100+) books before she died – OF HER OWN WORK!





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