Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.28.59 AMTHE AMERICAN HEROES !

‘THESE are the times that try us.  The summer scientist will, in this crisis, shrink from truth and service to country; but she that stands by it now,  deserves the love of All.’

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.29.24 AMYep, we’re cover it like a warm blanket for the scientific soul!  Starts at 10:00 and March begins at 11:30 or so. There is a train stop right there at Cal Anderson Park.

I met more qualified teachers and scientists at this March, but not last year. Why?  Probably fewer folks for one.  My own students did not show up, but it doesn’t matter.

Why was it So Small?  Why was it So Boring as Heck?  

One no-starter chant:  “What do we want?”   “Science.”   “When do we want it?”  huh? what? Scientists are not chanters.

Here are my picks…

(1) It was a confusing time.  Why were folks Marching for Science after both nerve gas attacks and cruise missile bombing both in Syria? Heck if I know!  At the rally scientists was berated by speaker after speaker, (“Science can be used for good, as well as, bad…”  Blah, blah, blah).  That’s not “science” moron, that’s technology.  If we do not understand the difference as a nation, we are up ‘Technology Creek without an Intelligence’, so-to-speak.

(2) People out of character.  I found a physicist in a white lab coat like he was a technician or chemist.  We don’t where white lab coats, BTW.  Storm Troopers on ours side???  Don’t they represent the Empire?

(3) More folks have left the country, and more scientists work for the government and are afraid.

(4) Spring Break.  No one knew when or if the March was?!

(5) 22APRIL18 is Earth Day next week, the date of last years March was 21APRIL17 closer to Earth Day.

(6) “Get Your Ass To MARS” – Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 hoodie I wear.  Absolutely no one this year understood it.

(7) Except for the Roosevelt High Biology teacher and her husband, and a couple other folks, no one to talk to who was coherent.






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