“Is the Coast Clear?” (Part 2)

Our final unpredictable “prediction” was this:

“Will Global War become reality, and if so, when will it break out?”

We knew going in it was unpredictable, but knowing and sensing you knew something are two different things.  This was somewhere in 2014-2016 we were organized and ask this question, before the Presidential Elections in the USA.

I believed that either Global War or an horrific Depression in the relatively rich, First World countries, was inevitable. I will tell you my answer was that the earliest Global War would break out was 2025, 7 years from now; 10 years from when we were ask the question.  I thought if a massive Depression affecting half the World did not stop it, it had to break out.  Russia and the USA were the largest Superpowers.  Both had the weaponry in nuclear devices to annihilate each other.

I was shocked by the response of the group.  I thought they would think my answer “radical” and “far-fetched”.  The group did vote me down resoundingly.  But rather than too “far-fetched”, they believed Global War was the only outcome, and it would occur by 2020, 2 years from now and 5 years from when we were ask, based more on an overall study of the World and the balance of powers.

I was stunned.  This is where the THIRD ERROR in the GJP struck home…

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