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Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.18.25 AM A new article in Nature tells millions of people what many athletes knew already (not those very, very few personal trainers who make money from your being completely mis-informed).  There is a reason humans live from 0-100 years.  There is no magic pill to let us live in this world for eternity.  You cannot build muscle mass or “bulk up” after 60-70 years old.

Muscle mass and “bulk-up” have specific meanings.  It does NOT mean converting fat to muscle (impossible even in your youth).  It does NOT mean weight-training and seeing the last remnants of your skeletal muscle improve or you “feeling better”. Bulk means bulk.  Mass means mass.

There is NO NATURAL WAY to increase muscle mass or bulk up after 70. Period.*

And a good thing for your kids, too!  They will inherit the mess you create, both literally and figuratively.  This world is theirs.  Any future in it is their.  You cannot coexist with them here, outside of that 0-100 years.

Here is the recent Nature Communications.

What the article provides evidence for is this:

  • (1) Muscle cells in the leg have a natural accumulation rate of 13 somatic mutagens/genome/year.    Over time, our personal, individual life as we knew it cannot be sustained.  Good thing for evolution, not so good if you have a fast metabolism or tend to “rust quickly.”
  • (2) While skeletal muscle stem cells are adult and turn directly into muscle fibre cells, there are only so many of them.  When gone, no more muscle mass can be created. They are immune from mutagenesis, because they never procreate.
  • (3) Exons and every other nerve ending and part of the skeletal muscle cell mutates. That is why it seems you are always “one step behind” as you age. You are. There is a built-in miscommunication between your muscle cells and your nerves. Only experience and training previous to this collapse can keep you stay “in step”.



Personal observations of a few, not part of the general scientific summation above:

*”Without  some version of Human Growth Factor (HGF)  [HGF is ILLEGAL except in Putin’s Russia, where we saw “Russians Without Drugs” (OAR) pretty much suck during the Winter Olympics.  That is why they started using them right there, in PyeongChang and got booted].

“HGF is addictive for athletes, and is a one of the most potent steroids known. If you ever heard the term, “He’s gone ‘roid!”  they are talking about that form of insanity. I am sorry, but we pull no scientific punches here.  Read this article on the relationship between HGF use and CANCER, before using HGF…”

Tumors and HGF


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