Parallel Simulations play a vital role between observation and understanding: N-body Shop at University of Washington

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 9.57.14 PM“A 25x25x2 Mpc slice through a multi billion numerical simulation of cosmic structure formation. Brighter colors mark denser regions.” => N-body shop, 17FEB18

The N-Body shop

Metallicity Evolution by Supernovae (UW Astro, Nbody Shop)

“…An n-body simulation calculates the time and spatial evolution of a system modeled by a large number of mass elements* and subject to many different physical processes, such as gravity, hydrodynamical forces, gas cooling, star formation and energy injection from supernovae and black holes. N-Body Shop students are able to pursue different aspects of this broad approach: developing theoretical models, computer science, analysis of simulations, and outreach.

“Over the years we have developed two of the best parallel tree+SPH codes: GASOLINE and its evolution: CHaNGa. As of Fall 2015 ChaNGa scales up to half a million cores when used for simulations of large cosmological volumes. Our focused approach on developing a small set of versatile computational and analysis tools allows our relatively small group to pursue competitive research spanning a wide range in spatial and time scales…” => N-body shop 17FEB18


* N number of mass elements, where N is arbitrarily “gigantimoose” 😉

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