Purple | Yellow | Red videos of the Sun

Ca II (Ca+) Calcium line Sun – Lower and cooler.  The source for us of the magnetic holes and fluxes visible at the Sun’s surface.


The Hydrogen-alpha Red Sun, with etalons set at ~0.7 Angstroms:  The photosphere, The Chromosphere, The Corona


The Yellow Sun, for us the super wide hydrogen-alpha etalons 2-4 Angstroms. 


This is our first published videos taken simultaneously of the Full-Spectrum Sun today.  Lower to Upper Level.


How to view:

Make these type Purple|Red glasses, as demonstrated on the website logo (below).  All videos should have the Sun moving from the upper left corner to the lower right corner on your screen and be equally sized.  If you try this for 3D effects, put the “Yellow Sun” video in the middle as it can act to help adjust for the appropriate spacing in this order:      393nm [Ca II]- 590nm -633nm [H-alpha]





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