The steps carried out by NASA after killing 14 astronauts on the way to the I.S.S. and the new Mission to The Moon, II

img_2759-1“The future is not free: the story of all human progress is one of a struggle against all odds. We learned again that this America, which Abraham Lincoln called the last, best hope of man on Earth, was built on heroism and noble sacrifice. It was built by men and women like our seven star voyagers, who answered a call beyond duty, who gave more than was expected or required and who gave it little thought of worldly reward.”  – President Ronald Reagan January 31, 1986

Date February 1, 2003; 15 years ago
Time 08:59 EST (13:59 UTC)
Location Over NASA Houston Space Center
Cause Wing damage from debris
Outcome “Space Shuttle fleet was grounded for more than two years while safety measures were added, including procedures to deal with catastrophic cabin depressurization, better crew restraints, and an automated parachute system.”

GIVEN TO PROVE WRONG: NASA is the representative of The American People in Space. It is the “MOST SCIENTIFIC” organization planning a Moon mission today.  

(1) Having been the agency to send more astronauts to their death (14) than ANY space agency in the world and the steps and self-critical appraisals that have been carried out towards a new Moon mission.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.20.16 AMCover page of Volume I

The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster – in Wikipedia

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board and Volume I of its Report

(no other volumes have, as yet, been released to the public)


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