Women in Science

IMG_2754Have you seen this book “Women in Science” by Rachel Ignotosky?

I usually have a copy I can give you if you run into me.  I have given these books as gifts to (short list):

(1) An Algerian room cleaner/made near Marseille for her daughter – who loved astronomy.  The room cleaner then checked to make sure the name of the creator and the prophet were not in the book. Otherwise, she would have to “sneak” it to her daughter, passed “the men”.  I told her science knows no religion.

(2) A Hotel manager in Paris from Gambia for his son.  His son needed a better understanding of what women were capable of doing, just like, “Americans needed of Africans.”

(3) An African-American woman in Seattle waiting for pizza take-out with her daughter.  Her daughter wanted to look at it, and kept it.  I forgot about it. Not really “given”, but what the heck.  She thanked me – twice – and she liked it!

(4)  The beautiful leasing agents in The Whittaker, who loved it!

(5)  A nurse-manager at Virginia-Mason who wrote me a “Thank You Card”.

(6) A Cloud Break Optics woman owner.



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