Multiverse, or even singularities

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.57.17 AM“History of the Universe” courtesy of The Particle Zoo.

Sean Carroll on Multiverse and the knowable

The Particle Zoo

I have friends, including the creator of Particle Zoo, Julie Peasley, who took up support of science with art, understanding that was one way to talk about some concepts that would be missed by most folks. Plushy toys are great at conveying the dynamic 4-dimensional world (4D world) we live in and the sub-atomic basis and uncertainty of it all, for even a 5-6 year-old to appreciate…maybe 🙂

We need art and words and writing and artists of this 4D world to explain our ideas and gain a following, although much of the simplicity and deeper understanding are lost with the rigor of mathematics. It is never easy or complex or hard. It is rich or less rich.

We would not keep them if all we talked about was “Trust Us, we’re physicists.” Or, “Nothing is known or can be known.” Religion and philosophy did that and failed. They have other purposes than to given us multiverses, a priori. No, and we should not expect respect if we did. We cannot predict the future with a percentage error. We cannot understand the multiverse without a firm foundation in 4D spacetime we can measure.

We have the tools. Emmy Noether’s “Law of Conservation” (LoC)  means has “symmetry”.  If known variables and quantity of stress-energy are unchanged, we may say that if we find a law of conservation we know to be true in our 4D spacetime, then we know its symmetry.

Conversely, if we find a symmetry as we know in 4D spacetime, it has a law of conservation we also know (like mass-energy is conserved), and then we know we are still in 4D spacetime. If we cannot, and we can take the necessary data and show it, then a discontinuity has been found.  We should be prepared to understand if a singularity or discontinuity appears and disappears.  We should expect them to occur! After all, how stable is 5D or 6D, or even our 4D spacetime?  No one can even give a ballpark figure based on data taken.  Our 4D spacetime may very well be in competition with other forms all the space and time.  Thank you again Sean Carroll.



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