Sol Today from the new MOST location The “Jim” Whittaker

Two images of the Sun- post-storm – at ~393 nm, slightly different wavelengths and timing  (we at MOST are learning  to tune off the filter center wavelength to watch dynamics.) 

There are things not happening on the surface. Look closely at the lower center. That singular dot of magnetic activity exciting and creating Ca+ (Ca II).  With a couple of partners, so small they go in and out as I watch them. In reality, they do go in and out of focus as they move through this colder region of the Sun.  Compare that to this one below, taken 02DEC17 when we were spot on with a 70% confidence level fo multi-color high intensity Aurora, and solar wind…


DSC_3552 copyNow THAT, fellow astronomers, is a Magnetic Hole!   02DEC17


What do we see in Hydrogen alpha ?

                                          Sun in Hydrogen alpha light this afternoon


A couple of prominent solar flairs and CMEs to the upper right and sunspots to the lower left.  Remnants of coronal mass ejections from this morning!  A minor storm in the early hours UTC.





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