Is a “Bomb Cyclone” in the Northern Hemisphere more an outgrowth of poor science?… Or political reality?

National Geographic


Ocean Forecast Service

“Bomb Cyclone”…huh?  The difference between an hurricane and a cyclone is, “SHOCK and AWE”.  Oh, and where it’s located.  Are we to believe these cold rushes to the East Coast are from the Southern Hemisphere…should we blame Peru? or Brasil?

[Can’t blame Canada anymore for a cyclone, can we now, eh?]

Not really.  When the present NOAA tries smoke and mirrors to cast blame elsewhere, be aware the anthropomorphic source of Global Warming.  It’s banking on the self-deceit, poor education, and ignorance of some American People.  You have been duped.

In a recent paper about the effect of Global Warming on the Arctic Ocean researchers push the point of no return button yet again.








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