An Honourable Senator from The Green Flag State, supporting Science, Graduate Students, and Our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.19.10 PMI support those who support families, Science, and The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Senator Maria Cantwell does all three.

We do not need more oil.  We need more EVs on the road and to extend the West Coast Green Highway from Washington State through the State of Oregon to link up with California. Now is the time. Detroit is reeling from dealership’s lack of sales, domestically (as noted in The Wall Street Journal [05JAN18]. Now is the time to go EV, like BMW; like Volvo; like Chevy; like Tesla.

How many more years can you justifying to your kids why you burn dinosaurs as fuel? Or burn fossils that cause Global Warming? Killing other species now extant, and lay waste to the Earth?  There is no excuse worth the life an an elk, or a caribou. Or a culture ending as is happening among the Inuit and Inupiaq.

Nature and Science are good teachers. Nature is teaching the Eastern seaboard now what the future holds. Science has taught us how to solve Global Warming.

While some see this as lecturing and opinionated talk, everything written in Senator Cantwell’s email to me, and written by me, here are the “opinion” – based on solid research – of 97% of scientists.

I have seen what the future can be! When I in my Chevy Bolt EV, stopped with a Prius on one corner, and a Tesla on the other.  All was serene, quite, and peaceful.  We all could hear birds singing.  We heard children laughing in a nearby park, before we started on our separate ways.






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