The Purple Sun

DSC_3376Look hard at this image centered on 363.4 nm wavelength.  Right below the centre of the photo there are three (3) white spots in the lower centre of the image.  Perhaps 30-40 hours later they are the magnetic disturbance that leads to CMEs and flares, if they do not turn into sunspots and whither away in the Photosphere and Chromosphere 20-30 hours. If astrophysicists can predict 40 hours ahead of their appearance that a huge CME will occur then we can plan well ahead for commnuication and satellite shutdowns, tripling our time to react.  Imagine if we could tell that for an hurricane on Earth!

It’s hard to do. It definitely advanced amateur work. It’s almost professional astrophysicist-level to explain it and do it correctly, but the Ca II or ionized calcium lines of the Sun are not straightforward to image.  It takes a full-on different telescope and eyepiece at the edge of our human ability to see ultraviolet.  Mainly focused and imaged through CMOS or CCD event fluorescent screens.

The Ca II light comes from a cool region below the photosphere and chromosphere of the Sun.  It only exists in yellowish/orangish M-class or metal-class stars, like our Sun or Arcturus. It was created in the core of stars less rich in hydrogen, but not yet burning helium as the principal source of energy. [My interest is in prediction of CMEs for aurora creation.]

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