There are ~190,000 physicists in The USA, and going down. Of those physicists only 49, 999 are women.*

190,000 US physicists who do science and teach. 49,999 US women physicists who do research and teach.  In the World, only ~500,000 physicists.


“This graph and data are free to use” – APS

  • * The asterisks and footnotes hit hardest.  It stood at 50,000 women physicists until it was pointed out by herself that Prof. Dr. Margaret Perozzo-Ankney – my own student and friend from UCF- Orlando has retired early and moved to Mexico.   😦
  • * I believe, at this point, she may be right. I am planning to visit my 2nd country in the coming months to see if it could be my 1st country.  While I will always be an American citizen, I may spend my final years, a resident of Canada, tutoring Physics and Astrophysics.

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