The Far West American Physical Society

Encountered throughout nature and industry are fluid flows containing particles, and understanding or manipulating the ultimate arrangement of particles in the flow is a paramount goal. Here we expose a mechanism for particle localization that arises from interaction of the intrinsic inertia of particle and fluid by visualizing the motion of particles in laminar stirred tank flow. The tank and impeller systems have been in consistent use over a number of centuries, but this particle-localization phenomenon has never been reported.

Steven Wang
Robert Stewart
Guy Metcalfe
CSIRO, Australia  (Courtesy FWS APS)

Reporting this week From Merced, CA we will post some of the most recent public findings that are exciting the computational and physical sciences this Fall from The Far West meeting at the newest research campus of the University of California.  It is locate at the Gateway to Yosemite National Park!

=> The FarWest Region of The American Physical Society

Prof Dr. Andrea Ghez, UCLA, Astrophysics on optical black holes and testing General Relativity!

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