As we said below, we are NOT rich, but we can dream rich.  We have now sent out all the 4-core and 2-core machines set up to do parallel code that this humble community can afford on their own.  We are not a company. We are individuals.

Good Luck to those who got them based on their sketchy ideas.  All were from America.  As I found out, parallel coding is not easy.  It is a challenge to think 10 or an hundred steps ahead of the machine you are programming



November 11-12, 2017 is CodeDay


img_1480A typical Macmini two-node parallel cluster combined with an iMac.  We included a fan (purple lights for free), because it does get warm to program and run in parallel!

This iCodeDay , we have decided on a new course! We are NOT rich, but we can dream rich.

We will buy and set-up single Macminis and throw in a Thunderbolt 2 cable so that students can put together.two- to four-node parallel processing hubs running “Pooch” apps to manage their parallel cluster, then put their own parallel code on their cluster through their own Mac Airbook or iMac.

Check out this awesome
 Pooch Library of Information for background to managing parallel clusters and coding in parallel! 

Send us your sketch of an idea, or complete idea, and we will do our best to fufill our end of the deal.  Of course, we abide by the laws of all countries and cannot export technology which is forbidden.

This is completely on us to send  a 4-core node for this effort to those we can.  Let take CodeDay up a notch with parallel processing for the masses of students!

Use them to develop your own apps to predict the weather, plot the course of LISA in space, etc.  We have no plan. You do. They are yours to keep without any warranty on our part with ‘Pooch’  parallel node manager that supports upto to 4-nodes and an intro manual to parallel code.  We have a dream of parallel coding for you the students, and you the parent of bright students.  We are individuals, not a company of any sort.




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