Thunderbolt 2 virtual bridging with small, efficient nodes in iMac-based parallel processing clusters for orbital dynamics or laser/antenna design

One of the first mini iMac-based parallel clusters for numeric solution of n-body problems based exclusively on Thunderbolt 2 virtual bridging, made possible through the patience and knowledge of Experimac’s employees Kelli and Bré.

Now a 3-node parallel cluster with 8 cores we will add a fourth node and 2 cores next week. Three Intel i5 CPU all cached so that each core has 256 MB dedicated memory. All nodes have 8GB of DDR and 500GB to 1TB of storage. Files and data are rapidly and efficiently moved over Thunderbolt cable with other interface – the fastest thing next to InfiniBand – and onto iCloud and iFog. When complete, it will be able to numerically solve orbital dynamics of n-body problems nearly continually. Exactly what is needed for NASA/ESA for LISA study team support ( ).  Cost as you see it ~ $1800. Testing demo version FDTD [Lumerical]. Also using a separate PCM such as POOCH and POOCH PRO with various other packages. The purple light is the single cooling fan. ThanX to Kelli and Bré for all their work and support of LISA.

Our good neighbors!  Experimac employs Kelli and Bré who have educated me in the ins and outs and pure knowledge of understanding Apple, as well as, exchanging equipment until our cluster is perfect. Everyone in my West Seattle neighborhood is onboard for NASA/ESA LISA. We all have a part! Their boss has a son who wants to work for NASA, too! Virtual Thunderbolt bridging is nearly a brand new technology. It’s use in parallel processing clusters with mini Macs is a new technology we are experimenting with in our community.

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