“The Farthest – Voyager” – PBS 23AUG17



Dr. Carolyn C. Porco, and I pose against tiles of  The Big Picture at Griffith Observatory after the panel discussion, 31JULY17.

Dr. Carolyn Porco, colleague of Prof. Dr. Carl Sagan, was part of the panel discussion last night on what is billed as “Cosmic Musings”, and will be, in part, a segment of the larger film on Voyager and Cassini.  It was an honor to be to hear her speak about her work.

[Personally in awe her work for NASA and as team lead of the Imaging Team of Voyager and Cassini for at least 15 years, I promoted her work with my colleagues, trying to apply the full measure of her hard-won techniques to Earth-based experimental imaging.  My friends at Battelle-PNNL introduced me to her techniques and the question of quantifying water ice-phases and methane-ice phases on Triton and Titan.  Director Dr. Bruce Kay was a trail-blazer among those studying ice phases at PNNL. I even was able to discuss the possibility of collaboration with JPL with my direct PI and lead, Wayne Hess, to head with me to JPL and discuss what we might be able to add to the program at the time of the initial Rover exploration of Mars.  I had a friend working on related technologies at JPL through which we were introduced to the team.]


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