TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN – PART I Huge Monster Tides! Why we know a Total Eclipse is coming!


At the time of a Total Eclipse, a very small minority revels in the idea that they can dominate a human tribe on a desert island by knowledge of a single “Total Eclipse.” This was portrayed in the past in many racialist movies and TV shows of my youth.

This is just NOT TRUE ! In fact, nor in knowledge, based. Not now. Not ever. Humans in proximity to tidal areas of the world have a pretty good idea when a Total Eclipse is coming. They experience the lowest tides ever if a Total Eclipse is exactly a lunar month away and will cross their Latitude. It was their accumulated data modern scientists used to precision in forcasting eclipses. Those of Pacific Islanders are some of the finest.

Exactly one lunar month from a total eclipse – 28 days – The LOWEST EBB TIDES occur and the highest neap tides occur. That is what we are dealing with here in the Pacific Northwest now…

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.41.39 AM.pngFauntleroy Ferry Dock, near where I spend time charging my ALL EV Chevy Bolt, 21JUL17.

Think of the Earth-Moon system. You know that The Moon blocks the Sun almost completely during a Total Eclipse. The Earth-Moon-Sun are aligned at New Moon. One Lunar month previous at New Moon almost the same alignment at that Latitude occurs, with the greatest – up to that point – low tides and neap tides. Again these tides are super irregular and only occur on the coasts near the Latitude of the coming Total Eclipse. Ancient people knew this. It is surprising how few know it today.

<shout out to Devin with the BMW cap (our Sun on the beach) and Mary (our placer of Moon) for taking the time to question this! >

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