SpaceTime. It’s one word.



Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t. But it is.  As sure as the thought experiment of Einstein with the jumping spider on a Victorola LP.  Once informed that the circumference and diameter of the LP in his beginning frame of reference on Einstein’s notebook and using the Special Theory of Relativity, the smart and intrepid jumping spider jumps onto the spinning record’s surface to improve on its value of  circumference/diameter = pi.  He plans to measure pi from scratch, so to speak.

Measure the circumference; measure the diameter of the whole LP as it walks toward the spindle in the center. “Maybe one. Last. Number. Will put me in the Guinness Book of Records.” It jumps on the spinning LP  – ‘where no spider has gone before.’

On  Einstein’s notebook pi is always constant and irrational, meaning after the decimal point it goes on and on in a series of numbers.  Never-ending.  When it jumps off after an hour of data collection, it crunches all the number correctly and finds for one or two RPMs of the spinning LP that he measures a RATIONAL VALUE of pi!   At others it comes up with different values of an irrational pi.  Every measurement of cicrcumference and diameter he took on the spinning LP the jumping spider compared to the values of circumference and diameter on Einstein’s notebook, which it can see on the desk occasionally and he see that the Victorola spindle has not moved since he started the experiments.  The spindle is always in the same place in relationship to the desk.  Circumference and diameter hasn’t changed, but pi changes. What happen?

The jumping spider was in an accelerated frame of reference, where the direction of his travel is contantly changing (the reason why he starts to get dizzy and feels an unusual “force” on it’s body).  Here, as everywhere, no frame of reference is at rest, but in fact is accelerating.  The desk by gravity, the jumping spider by spinning on an LP. Two different accelerating frames of reference.

To come up with the well-known value of irrational pi, it must include TIME into his calculation for DISTANCE! That is the only way it can conserve the value of pi as irrational and a pi that works everywhere.

“Space here.  Time there.  No more, ” thought the jumping spider, “It is SpaceTime or TimeSpace depending on which I wishes to emphasize.”

As independent dimensions the were always tied together in our Universe.

We will be posting share-links to the PBS series on with your comentary shortly in the usual spot under PBS Space Time.

That said, here is the the second episode in the series of QFT before the transformation of the site…

The Way of Light => Path Integrals and Photons



Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 – States of Two Dimensional Phases Trasnsition

The Academy explains this year’s Prize

Royal Swedish Academy of Science


William R. Wiley Enviromental Molecular Science Laboratory


I was on the UCF Physics Committee (one of those freebie tasks that young faculty members do, looking at sketches, blueprints, questioning landfill requirements and drainage. Since my Dad was a contractor and I had been a laborer, Operating Engineer, and Soil Analyst to pay for my Northwestern University education in Astronomy/Physics…yes I was put on this Herbert O. Robinson Observatory construction project by a pair of Cajuns scientists (Soileau and Clausen). Boy-howdee!. They introduced me to BBQ ‘gator tail at an LSU game. Once you have had fresh alligator tail on the spit, there is NO turning back. And I was “stuck” with helping build an observatory-in-a-swamp. But it turned out A-OK! 🙂  Open House – Do it UCF !   Planetary Science at UCF !

Robinson Observatory, UCF


“Protected by Pluto, the planet of the Underground, I am the Guardian of Revolution.” – Sailor Pluto.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.51.22 PM

This is the way I would like to visualize Spacetime’s causality. Like a female warrior, Sailor Pluto. The artist, Nicky Tuesday of Peculiar Harvest, is developing a Sailor Moon themed portrait and has given me permission to use this initial sketch of Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Pluto’s precise abilities and knowledge of the past and present are only vaguely defined, although a common theory is a form of omniscience, possibly due to her portrayal in the Anime-series. For example, she was presumably aware of the two Sailor Soldiers carrying the mystical objects they were hunting for, but did not inform them and allowed various people to be attacked. This differs greatly from the Manga-series, and a simple continuity error. This omniscience is represented as being able to watch through the gates of Spacetime.

So Sailor Pluto appears as the causal realtionship in a single Spacetime continuum (mostly) with incongruities in the way she is visualized and portrayed. Perfect!

In the Anime-series she is allow to leave her post defending creation against evil. In the Manga-series, Sailor Pluto leaves her post as Guardian of the Gate to Spacetime to go to university to study physics, but transforms like a phoenix and is reincarnated after sacrificing herself. Here a description of her as, “a goddess, eternally guarding the Portal of Spacetime against Evil, ” seems to fit well.

“Evil” I take to be the emotionally complex, absurd ways of viewing what is the Spacetime continuum. “Evil,” like seeing Earth as a bouncing ball in a grid-like net of warped time-independent space. How crazy is that? Space without time or Time without space? How does that help anybody understand our universe?


It’s like the Seattle band, Tacocat. It’s not tacos here and cats there. It’s inseparable, see? It’s Tacocat . Like Spacetime, only more musically focused.

What we all can agree upon is a form of Causality. Red or Blue State. Republican or Democrat, we should all be able to agree on a form of causality, a Spacetime interval…

The Spacetime interval = the space between events and the time between events multiplied by a porptionality contant between space and time, the “speed of light”. That minus sign between the terms guarantees that we agree that events in any quadrant or reference frame of Spacetime will effect those events in any other quadrant.

The Spacetime Interval.png

The more amazing and less puritan our visualization of Spacetime, the closer we come to the simpliest view of it. Which we really cannot view without falling into more absurdity and complexity and washing away reality as it is. Please join me in visualing Spacetime as Sailor Moons, particularly Sailor Pluto 🙂

WikiSailorSailor Moon CrystalSailor Pluto AnimeWikipedia Sailor Pluto



From Symmetry Magazine and The US Department of Energy !

How to make a Neutrino beam!

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