Richness with Simplicity

tenth“I Really Appreciate Science. Technology and Cute Experiments are Cool, too!” In this somewhat final installment to the outline, I will make it brief. We are still in the realm of rational speculation in all of this commentary.

Energy and matter are not complex. With the fluctuations towards a stable, but not too stable universe – our universe – the first twisting, knotting and coiling of spacetime appeared. I always pictured this process somewhat like the birth of a foal on haphazard legs, twisting under a new weight; a new beginning.

Coiling of spacetime with no matter, no particles, nothing except itself, becomes what we consider Energy and it immediately begins its long course of dispersal.

Energy may be slowed in its diffusion towards chaos in some places (because now we can talk about ‘place’ and ‘time’), as parts of the coils become densely knotted, or become so during the unfurling.

These are the future homes of fundamental sub atomic matter: quarks or quark-like particles, bosons, fermions, and photons. They add richness to the new spacetime, and further interactions now begin to occur as something is created and evolves from nothing.

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