Gravity’s Ultimate Rainbow

“I Really Appreciate Science. Technology and Cute Experiments are Cool, too!” – In my third installment I would start out again with a summary something like we have thus far learned that as we examine the universe and things they get ever more simple to comprehend. First there is no need for purpose; there is only the dispersal of energy towards chaos. Second, there is no need for rules or laws – those are only “Facebook status updates” and the ways we came up with to calculate outcomes. Newton’s Laws of Motion were given as an example of classical physical laws. Let’s get a closer look into stuff prejudiced by Newton’s Laws a little more.

The nature of 4D spacetime is not what it seems to be, it is “warped”. Warped spacetime means that what we perceive as straight lines are not straight lines at all. They are “off” from what are truly straight lines. So, instead of rules and laws explaining why “things” turn from straight lines under gravity – like a 28 lb. weight for distance thrown by a Highland Games athlete – we shall adopt a simpler, perhaps surprising, alternative. We shall take the view that 28lb. weights for distance invariably follow straight lines at uniform speeds, but their trajectories look bent to us.

The path of Earth around the sun is a line that is perfectly straight and traveled uniformly at constant speed, but we perceive it as a closed path and varying elliptical orbit. “Gravity” is the word we use to signify this distorted view. Motion is really extremely simple: motion is uniform and straight, period. It merely seems distorted by the presence of matter.

No such thing as gravity. All the forces that bond atoms, nuclei, and the deepest components of particles, can be seen as arising from the simple interchange of particles. “Force” is a name we give for the behavior of particles, and stuff they make up, being played out in the arena of spacetime. Spacetime, with its curvature forms the stage; particles distributed as waves pursue straight lines; but particles break off from particles and travel straight to other particles and impress on them their own motion. “Force” is the name of this interchange of particles. There is nothing else to force, including gravity.

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