‘Creation Revisited’ – P.W. Atkins


If you have gotten this far in the posts, then maybe you think either this WordPress is the singular genius of a brilliant scientist, or an absolute Mad Scientist. Not so.  It flows from the thinking and the scientific debates of Prof. Peter Atkins on the key issues confronting 21st Century physics. He has taught me and most of my students  (I used his textbooks for P.Chem) practically everything we learned about physical chemistry as sophomores or pre-meds.  At the end of the 20th Century P. W. Atkins wrote two books, ‘Creation’ and ‘Creation Revisited’.

The first was attempting to deal directly a few of the scientific questions raised by the erroneous religious and dogmatic Creationist/Intelligent Design schools of thought.  Coming out of that public exposure and debate, he realized something more had to be said than just answer  their obscurantism, tit-for-tat. Thus, ‘Creation Revisted’ is a more polemical work.  It is unfortunately  out of print, but still available as a used book and as a collectors book (two different pricing scales)…

=> Amazon purchase of used copies



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